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Meet the Future of Fabric Manufacturing: Boyu Extruder’s 1600mm Double Blow Meltblown Non Woven Fabric Line

Get ready to meet Boyu Extruder’s game-changing 1600mm Double Blow Meltblown Non Woven Fabric Line! This cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize the industry, offering unmatched quality and efficiency.

Introduction to Boyu Extruder’s Specialization in Plastic Extruder Technology

Wuxi Jiahao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.,the predecessor of Boyu Extruder, was established in 1998. Boyu Extruder’s core specialization lies in plastic extrusion technology, which is crucial for manufacturing meltblown non-woven fabrics. They have constantly invested in research and development to stay ahead of the competition and provide their customers with top-of-the-line machinery.

Overview of the 1600mm Double Blow Meltblown Non Woven Fabric Line and its features

The meltblown non-woven production line has an abundant supply of high-quality meltblown non-woven. The unique capillary structure of superfine fiber increases the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, so the melt-blown fabric has good filtration, shielding, thermal insulation and oil absorption. It can be widely used in various industries, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, electric heating sheets, etc. Another notable feature is the double blow process, which gives this line its name. Unlike traditional single blow machines, the double blow system allows for two layers of fibers to be blown onto the collector screen simultaneously. This results in a stronger and more durable fabric with better filtration properties.

Conclusion: why choose Boyu Extruder?

Boyu’s state-of-the-art facilities are all equipped with the latest computerized systems to ensure precision and consistency in production. Moreover, their team of experts continuously strives to improve their plastic extrusion technology by incorporating customer feedback and industry insights.

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