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Unveiling the Power of YANSEN’s YSINXXX-M430 2280 Industrial M.2 SSD: Redefining High-Speed Storage Solutions


Experience the pinnacle of storage innovation with YANSEN‘s YSINXXX-M430 2280 Industrial M.2 SSD—a revolutionary solution engineered to set new standards in speed, reliability, and versatility. With capacities ranging from 128GB to an impressive 2TB, this industrial m 2 ssd is designed to meet the demanding storage needs of industrial applications.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Performance

At the heart of the YSINXXX-M430 2280 Industrial M.2 SSD lies 3D TLC technology, a groundbreaking approach that ensures high performance and reliability in industrial environments. Combined with a PCIe Gen3 (8Gb/s) x4 interface and support for NVMe 1.4, this SSD delivers lightning-fast read and write speeds of up to 3500/3000 MB/s.

Versatility Meets Durability

With its M.2 M Key form factor and length of 80.0mm, the YSINXXX-M430 2280 industrial m 2 ssd is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of industrial applications. From manufacturing equipment to surveillance systems, its compact design and high-speed performance make it the perfect storage solution for industrial environments.

Dependable Performance in Harsh Conditions

Built to excel in challenging environments, the YSINXXX-M430 2280 Industrial SSD can operate in temperatures ranging from 0℃ to 70℃. This ensures dependable performance even in harsh industrial conditions, making it the ideal choice for industrial applications where reliability is paramount.


In summary, YANSEN’s YSINXXX-M430 2280 Industrial M.2 SSD represents a leap forward in industrial storage technology. With its cutting-edge features, high-speed performance, and robust reliability, it’s poised to elevate industrial operations to new heights. Experience the power of innovation with YANSEN’s YSINXXX-M430 2280 Industrial SSD today.

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