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Funingpu: Your Trusted Collagen Peptide Supplier for Wholesome Pet Food

Funingpu, a renowned global gelatin and collagen peptide manufacturer, brings over three decades of expertise to the table. With their high-quality gelatin and collagen products as well as reliable application solutions, Funingpu caters to the pharmaceutical, food, and health industries. As a leading collagen peptide supplier, Funingpu offers an array of solutions designed to enhance pet food formulations.

The Benefits of Funingpu’s Collagen Peptide for Pets

Collagen peptide, the cornerstone of connective tissues in the body, offer an array of advantages when incorporated into pet food. Funingpu’s collagen peptide, backed by extensive research and development, provide strength, elasticity, and stability to the skin, cartilage, ligaments, and bones of our beloved pets. By seamlessly integrating collagen peptide into pet food, manufacturers can achieve a dual purpose—providing energy and nutrition while enhancing the taste and appeal of the product. Funingpu’s collagen peptide act as the main ingredient in health-focused pet products and serve as an additive in main food snacks. The addition of collagen peptide not only enriches the flavor profile of pet food but also supports overall well-being. The peptide promote healthy skin, joint function, and bone strength in our furry companions, contributing to their vitality and quality of life.


Funingpu stands tall as a trusted collagen peptide supplier, catering to food manufacturers seeking to enhance their pet food offerings. By incorporating Funingpu’s collagen peptide, food manufacturers can create wholesome and delectable pet food options that prioritize both taste and well-being. Embrace the transformative potential of Funingpu’s collagen peptide and unlock new possibilities for delivering nourishing and flavorful pet food to our furry friends.

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