Hi88 Livelihood support 2024: Giving opportunities to own the future

“Livelihood support” is a new event organized by a team of volunteers Link Hi88 recently. Through this meaningful activity, we want to share with difficult situations with encouraging gifts. Contribute your small part to give humane values, as well as a more beautiful future.

Supporting livelihoods to “create” the future

“Livelihood support” is an event organized by the teamHi88 idea and cherished for a long time, to spread love to society. Activities not only support the lives of difficult people. We also do it as a humanitarian gesture to the community.

Spread love

Realizing that the lives of people in suburban areas are still difficult, we decided to come up with an idea and carry out the Livelihood Support event. With the initial desire to help “ease” some of the destitute situations, the volunteer teamHi88 was on the way right in February. Taking a beautiful future as the focus, the group hopes to give faith to the community with meaningful gifts. Together with the charity fund, we contribute to supporting people and seizing opportunities to change the future.

Give away values

Accompanying the “livelihood support” fund are 35,468 benefactors and many volunteer groups. We feel extremely honored and touched to receive so much support from all over the country. With more than 100,000 gifts, the team Hi88 Hope to help some individuals and difficult situations, reduce poverty. From there, not only does it spread material values ​​to the community but also love and spirit.

Outstanding activities in the event Hi88 livelihood support

Here, join the teamHi88 embark on a journey of supporting livelihoods to disadvantaged households across the country. Learn about the activities we have carried out recently.

Helping individuals and households in difficulty

The first activity that we are passionate about doing is a trip across the country to disadvantaged households. Carrying with them more than 50,000 gifts including necessities and money, the group quickly provided support to more than 10,000 situations. In the journey of love, team Hi88 I feel extremely touched when receiving many words of sharing and thanks from people. Wishes from everyone will become a great motivation, promoting the development of the charity fund.

With the goal of changing the entire society in the future, we are pleased to announce that the initial step of “livelihood support” is a brilliant success. Through a meaningful journey, the group has personally delivered many values ​​to many disadvantaged households, veterans, and dangerous households. Seeing smiles in level 4 houses and teams Hi88 believe that they have all received opportunities to reach a better future.

Join hands to repair and contribute farming tools

In addition to sending love and material values, the teamHi88 Also supports repairing and replacing farming tools. With the motto, “giving fishing rods instead of fish”, we hope to partly solve the employment problem here. From there, help people with daily tasks, indirectly sharing financial burdens.

For difficult cases, we also support additional employment and participate in improving community life. The group and people here carried out activities of weaving baskets, hats, and sandals to contribute to the charity fund. From there, we hope to contribute to changing and renewing the urban and rural landscape in a more positive direction.
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Ending the journey, sharing with difficult lives and the team Hi88 I feel like I have done a meaningful job. Not only does it help children go to school and farmers have jobs, but the group also alleviates some of the “pain” of veterans. Even though we encountered many difficulties on this journey, we felt it was truly worth it.


Through this article, we have gone through the “livelihood support” event, the journey of spreading love to the community. Volunteer team Hi88 We believe that the above activities will contribute to supporting difficult situations. From there, bringing society to a better future. If you are interested in the group’s funds and would like to donate, please visit the website of the same name to learn more. We look forward to accompanying readers in the next events.

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