What is cross lottery? Revealing the easiest way to win the lottery

Slot lot What is it is one of the questions many people are wondering. Therefore, the article below will give you detailed instructions to better understand this term. Revealing the easiest way to win the lottery in 2021 at New88 .

What is cross lottery?

This is a way of playing that many gamers use, so you should also learn and try to apply it. As you know, bingo is a popular game derived from lottery. The numbers in the lottery range from 00 to 99. Northern lottery has 28 prizes, Southern lottery has 26 prizes. And cross lottery means you choose 2, 3, 4 lottery numbers at the same time to play. The chance of winning from playing this lottery is quite high, so many people choose it.
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To participate in the lottery, now you only need a phone or computer with an internet connection to participate immediately. The numbers are clearly visible, the dealer clearly states the parameters and steps. Your job is just to choose numbers and place a bet. This is quite simple but requires careful calculation. Therefore, let’s immediately see the shares below to have the best possible lottery game.

What is the probability when playing cross lottery?

Cross lottery is one of the last numbers of 27 prizes. They have a hit probability of about 20 – 27%. Depending on which type of lottery you play, this probability also changes.

For example, the probability of winning a 2-way lottery is usually 23.76% x 23.76% = 5.6%. The probability of winning a 3-way lotto is usually 23.76% x 23.76% x 23.76% = 1.34%. Winning number 4 is usually 23.76% x 23.76% x 23.76% x 23.76% = 0.32%. If the total probability is less than 1%, the winning rate will be quite high.

The best ways to play lottery

Play lotto 2

Betting on cross lottery is a method chosen by many people. Just follow the 2 steps below, you can do it quite accurately. The first step, you need to choose 2 lottery numbers you want to bet on, then bet these 2 numbers with the dealer. The odds of 2-way lottery are 1 to 10, so many people quite like this method of betting.

Play lotto 3

Playing 3-way lottery is similar, you will choose 3 lottery numbers you want to play. Then, you will bet these 3 lots against the dealer. If you have a lot of financial ability, you can bet a lot, but if not, you should only bet moderately. If you lose, that amount of money won’t affect you too much. In case, 3 lottery prizes are won, you can win money.

Play lotto 4

To play cross lottery, you will choose 4 numbers you want to play. Newspaper plays these 4 numbers with the dealer and bets money. You can bet on all 4 numbers. The winning rate from this way of playing is also quite high.

In addition to the above methods of playing cross lotteries, you can play with regular lottery numbers such as 75, 92, 565, 373.

Paired numbers that often come together in cross lottery are 09 – 69, 87 – 89, 42 – 54, 56 – 67.

Play the lottery starting with 0, ending with 0, for example 10, 20, 30, 40…. Or 01, 04, 06, 07, 09.

Be careful when playing cross lotteries

 Playing cross lotteries brings a quite high winning rate, so you can consider choosing and applying immediately to your playing process. However, during the process of playing cross lottery, you need to note the following:
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Balance your finances for each game. You should not put too much money into one game because it puts more psychological pressure on you. When you are not calm enough, bet with just the right amount of money. If you lose, that amount won’t affect you too much. If you win, each time you accumulate a little, you will get high results.

Use different hitting strategies. You can play the lotteries with a straight or even hand. If you have enough confidence and experience, double down and bet twice as much money as before to increase your chances of winning big money. However, this method is quite risky, so you need to calculate carefully and choose the most suitable number to play. If you have just started playing, you should use the remaining strategies. That means playing evenly and betting moderately to make the playing process safer.

Concentrate entirely on the playing process. Absolutely do not work and play other things at the same time. Because that makes your mind not focus on the process of playing lottery. Just a little absentmindedness, you will make wrong decisions. Therefore, you need to really pay attention to improve your results.

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