A Brief Guide To NUSO Heated Tobacco

There are many heated tobacco options on the market, and NUSO is just one of them. Find out in this article as we break down everything that you may be curious about NUSO heated tobacco!

What is NUSO Heated Tobacco?

NUSO heated tobacco is a product that has only been around for a short while, but it is gradually becoming more well-known among adult smokers. The aerosol is created by inserting the NUSO stick into an electronic device that heats the tobacco, and the user inhales it after that. This way of smoking is considerably risk-reduced because the tobacco is not really burned. Additionally, smoking NUSO heated tobacco provides a similarly potent sensation to smoking conventional tobacco.

The Effects of NUSO Heated Tobacco

Many smokers are finding that NUSO heated tobacco is a great alternative to traditional cigarettes and are enjoying the many features that this new product has to offer. Some of the effects of NUSO heated tobacco include:

-Less irritation to the throat

-Less waste and ash

-No secondhand smoke

-More flavors to meet different preferences


Overall, the NUSO tobacco product delivers nicotine without many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, and it can be used without produce smoke. However, more research is needed to assess the long-term effects of using this product.

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