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What Should The Government Look At When Choose Highway Street Lights For A New Project?

While there are many factors to consider when choosing a highway street light for a new project, such as color, visibility, and cost, keep in mind what is important for safety.

What should the government look for when choosing highway lights for the new project?

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective highway lighting solution, why not contact AvsA®  Niudi for help!

Things that AvsA®  Niudi can help you

  1. They have 10 years of experience in the solar light industry and are the pioneers in this industry.
  2. They provide customers with one-stop engineering services such as design and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, etc., provide customers with a complete set of outdoor lighting engineering solutions, and have an independent R&D department.
  3. They also have a senior professional team composed of expert consultants, senior technical managers, and other professionals, full installation guidance, and after-sales service.

Pros of highway solar street lights

The main advantages of solar lights include:

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

Solar street lights convert sunlight into electricity without consuming electricity. It does not produce pollution, does not radiate, and conforms to the current environmental protection concept.

  1. Safe and durable

Construction quality, material aging, abnormal power supply, and other reasons may cause safety hazards. Solar street lights do not use alternating current. Still, they use batteries to absorb solar energy and convert low-voltage direct current into light energy, so there is no potential safety hazard. Today, most solar modules on the market have stable performance for at least ten years due to mature manufacturing technology. As a result, they can generate electricity for twenty-five years or more.

  1. High technical content and low maintenance cost. A highway’s lights are a critical safety tool that should be considered when designing a new project. So if you have a plan to it, pls contact AvsA® Niudi!

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