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Reasons to Use Copper Clad Steel Wire

Copper clad steel wire is a type of metal wire used for electrical purposes. It’s made with an outer layer, or coating, of copper that prevents the formation of oxides and other contaminants during manufacturing, so it’s ideal for use in electronic equipment. The article lists five reasons why it’s worth using this wire.

Copper Clad Steel Wire Characteristics

Copper Clad Steel Line Splice.

100% recover the mechanical strength

Greatly improved the conductivity.

Minimum loss / Well corrosion resistance /Easy installation

Pros of Using Copper Clad Steel Wire

The benefits of using copper clad steel are numerous. Because of the steel content, these wires have high mechanical and tensile strength, and material fatigue from use is minimal. The copper prevents corrosion in the steel and the wire as a whole, allowing the wire to last much longer, even if it is constantly used. Copper is also highly conductive, which means that electricity can easily flow through the wire.


There are a number of reasons to consider using copper clad steel wire in your electrical projects, and this article has outlined just a few of them. If you’re looking for something that is strong yet lightweight, or if you need something that can handle high temperatures, Henvcon copper clad steel wire is an ideal option.

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