How to Win Fish Shooting and Get Big Prizes at New88

How to play fish shooting game is a collection of great tricks to help gamers improve their combat skills in this game. If you are passionate about fish shooting games, please refer to these good tips Trang Chủ New88 summarized through the following content.

Overview of fish shooting game with rewards

Fish shooting is an online entertainment game in which players will use the bullets they can to defeat the fish that appear on the screen. The more fish you shoot, the greater the reward the player will receive. There are not only simple rules that fish shooting at New88 Also designed with vivid images and colors.

Thanks to that, gamers get the best experiences. Currently, fish shooting does not only have one form but is developed with a series of different game types. You can find a feeling of excitement and thrill when choosing a money-making fish shooting game.

Fish shooting game at New88 It is not only a game for entertainment purposes but also a tool to help gamers make money through an extremely flexible reward policy.

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How to play fish shooting to help win big at New88

How to win fish shooting game is a collection of good tips to help players grasp the opportunity to take the lead in every betting game. So does playing fish shooting require strategy and what is the way to play fish shooting online from experts?

Apply mustache playing strategies

Most new gamers are ambitious about killing a lot of fish to get coins, so they often focus on shooting big fish. However, the job is just Shoot Fish Large is not necessarily the optimal solution because sometimes your bullets are not strong enough to defeat large fish.

Besides, this type of fish often swims quite fast and lives long, so it is difficult for players who do not have enough technique to shoot down large fish. New88 Suggestion for you guys on how to win at fish shooting is to focus on small fish and don’t miss any targets. This method will help you save bullets and have the ability to win big.

Shoot fish that have just come out of the school

According to many experts, fish that have just appeared on the screen will have an easier death rate, so players can take advantage of this moment to attack. This is considered an effective fish shooting tip that beginners who do not have much experience with fish shooting should apply.

Apply marble shooting strategy

The winning way to play fish shooting that you should not ignore is to use the marble shooting strategy. This method’s purpose is to increase the number of bullets fired at a fish at the same time.

This good tactic is extremely simple to use, you just need to observe the moving speed of the fish and then shoot bullets at the appropriate location. As soon as this bullet hits the corner and bounces back into the fish, you can combine manual shooting to help kill the fish quickly.

Only shoot big fish when you have enough bullets

It can be said that big fish are objects that help players quickly increase bonuses if they can defeat them. However, you should not always attack this type of fish, you should only attack when you have the necessary number of bullets.

In case there are few bullets left, you should not regret but definitely ignore the big fish. Storing all the small amount of bullets cannot help the player defeat the fish but will also cause the bullets to evaporate in vain.

Turn off the automatic fire feature

How to play Shoot Fish An extremely effective victory that you should clearly understand is to turn off the automatic shooting feature. With this feature, the player’s ammo will be freely lost and the bonus will also be significantly reduced.

When using this automatic shooting function, each fish only gets 1 or 2 bullets. Therefore, they are very difficult to completely defeat. You should not use the automatic shooting feature if you do not want to spend a large amount of bullets without recovering your investment.

Choose small goals

How to win fish shooting game but New88 What you want to apply is to choose small goals. For this style of play, you should only use small sniper bullets to shoot slowly. Although the reward for killing small fish is not much, this is a safe choice for new players.

Track targets following the herd

The fish that follow the herd are an opportunity for you to make money, so observe and aim at the center of the fish to hunt for bonuses as quickly as possible. Applying this method of winning fish shooting will help you easily conquer the fish of this attractive game category.

Fish shooting is a familiar entertainment game and receives much love from gamers. Each game has its own secret to winning, hope that the ways to play fish shooting will win New88 Helps you grasp the opportunity to win big in every bet.

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