The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Play Buu Cards in 2023

How to play Buu how? This paragraph, New88 will introduce to you the rules of the game and how to play, how to deal cards, calculate points and play Buu online.

What exactly is a Buu post?

4-card deck of Buu cards The common name of this type of game is Binh or Binh Buu. Although the rules of the game are somewhat simple and do not take much time, they are similar to the folk game “mau binh” or “Xa xa” in our country.
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From 2015 onwards, Bai Buu will be one of the essential bonus games of any online bookmaker because of its popularity.

In the required Buu card game, a Buu game will have a minimum of two players. Each player receives four cards, arranged so that two cards are dealt at the “head” and two cards are dealt at the “tail” (the first two cards must have a large total). The cards will then be examined, and the winner will be determined by comparing the total scores of the two sides, not the tails.

Basic rules for playing buu cards

The most basic and important rule that you must understand is how to calculate points. After the cards have been dealt, both sides will stack the cards and compare their scores to determine who wins and who loses. InHow to play BuuThe order is as follows, from highest to lowest:

  • Four quarters:There are 4 identical cards, of which the Buu card has the highest score.
  • Sam Co (jackpot): There are three identical cards, with the Buu card having the second highest total.
  • Breaking: Four cards of the same suit.
  • Duo – Pair: Two identical cards form a pair.
  • Labour: any two cards, 9, A or both (J, Q, K).

If you or another player does not have said cards, the score will be determined by adding the values ​​of the two cards together to determine the total; This is similar to how three cards are scored.

The most detailed way to play Buu for newbies

The card game “mau binh” requires players to remember the relationships between the cards as well as their strengths and weaknesses, howeverHow to play Buu Playing is simpler and takes a lot less time.

Step 1: Choose a trustworthy bookmaker

Find a favorite bookmaker that already has Bai Buu in their list of available games.

Please search the online casino area after registering and depositing, then choose a card game from the list to start your first game of Buu.

Step 2: Decide to play Buu Tay or not

Since there are many bookies to choose from, card playing will often be the focus of most games. If you still don’t understand these two types of cards, Western cards will have 52 cards in them; If not, West will discard all J, Q, and K cards in the deck.

Step 3: Place bet

Each player will be required to bet on one of the following bets before entering the table:

Bookie’s door:Bet on the banker winning and the banker losing.

Player door: Bet on the house winning and the house losing.

Female Jackpot bet: Place a bet where the dealer wins the jackpot.

Small Jackpot bet: Place a bet that your house will win the jackpot.

Step 4: Start dealing cards

If you play alone at home or with an online dealer, the rules state that you should split your four cards into two pairs of heads and tails, with the first two cards in each pair needing to have more points than the last two cards. .

Since most Buu games are played on online bookies, the system will naturally perform this task according to regulations.
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Step 5: Compare after totaling scores

It is based on manual scoring, such as three cards, or if the player has pairs of cards, bets, jackpots, etc. to total the points and determine wins and losses based on the numbers, as I said very carefully inHow to play Buu

For the player who wins the house bet, the payout ratio is usually 1:2, for the player who wins the child bet, the ratio will be 1:2, and for the other two, the payout ratio is usually 1 : first.

The simplest way to play Buu is the easiest to win for veteran players

The master at New88 has been actively learning how to play Buu for over a year and I’d like to share some observations to help beginners avoid losing as much money as possible:

Control your cash flow when playing Buu

Just play as much money as you “can afford to lose”, as we mentioned, but if you play to the last penny in your wallet, this is really dangerous!

The simplest way to play Buu is the easiest to win for veteran players

However, since the theoretical odds are usually 50/50, there is very little chance that you will lose all your money in just one hand.

Know the rules of the game and how to play Buu

As in this article, we have provided the basic Buu rules; However, as each bookmaker may have its own rules, please bet as little as possible on your first games at a new casino until you feel comfortable with their regulations. . Once you are aware of it, act quickly and gradually build your own experience.


Because each online bookmaker will have a slightly different game layout and user interface, slow down and follow along.How to play Buu basicNew88 Mentioned above. Get used to the first match and start betting from the next game!

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