Revealing to you all the ways to play Lieng and always win

Bai Lieng is loved by many bettors, because this is an attractive entertaining game as well as an opportunity to make money to get rich quickly.
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The characteristics of this card game genre depend a lot on the element of luck. Therefore, it is not easy to play well, so many people have found a way to always win Lieng cards to improve their success.

Overview of Lieng card game

Lieng is one of the titlescard game with rewards has appeared for a long time in Vietnam and its online form is an online entertainment channel at game portals and bookmakers.

Here, this game has the main advantage of having a large number of participants, a high winning rate, and large bonuses.

When playing Lieng online, you will use a deck of 52 cards with cards from 2-Ace.

To participate in at least one betting table, there must be 2 or more players and a maximum of 6 players. Everyone must spend an equal amount of money before the cards are dealt, called pooling.

First, you will start by each person being dealt 3 cards. From here, we will determine whether the cards are good or bad to apply the method of playing Lieng cards that always win.

At the same time, place a certain amount of bets to bring yourself victory.

After receiving your cards, you can decide to increase your bet based on the strength of the deck of cards in your hand. The first person clockwise will start by choosing 1 of 3 actions as follows:

  • Raise: If you have a deck of cards in your hand that is capable of continuing to participate in the betting round, you can raise an appropriate amount of bet.
  • Follow: Based on your strategy, you will choose to follow or not follow the opponent’s prefix.
  • Quit: Based on your strategy, you will choose to fold to preserve your money.
  • Go all in: If you realize that the probability of winning is extremely high and your opponent has no ability to fight you, you can use all the money you have to win.

Basically, in Lieng card game rules, each game will only have one betting round. If no one raises on the betting table, the game ends.

In addition, in a game without anyone following, the person who raises is the winner. When two people compare cards, the one with the higher score will also win.

Instructing you how to play Lieng and always win, you can’t miss it

When participating in the Lieng card game, if you don’t have luck, how can you win or minimize financial losses?

The answer is to have in hand some ways to play Lieng cards that always win, compiled from experts. As follows:

(1) Factors come from psychology

Maybe you don’t know, the level between a master and a beginner depends a lot on the psychological factors in each game of Lieng.

If you show your discomfort and show it off when faced with a black card, it will be easy for your opponent to grasp your psychology. From then on, the loss rate becomes double, of course, losing money is inevitable.

It can be said that having a stable mentality is a prerequisite for victory.

Because once the mind is strong, the opponent’s intimidation becomes useless and this is a common factor in Lieng players.

(2) Be careful when playing cards

It is a fact that being careful in each first game will help you minimize the risk of losing miserably.

Because no matter how high the cards are in your hand, the opponent has higher cards or a better level of intimidation, causing you to leave empty-handed.

A small tip for you guys on how to always win Lieng card game is to check to see if your cards are big enough or not. Observe whether the opponent is someone who likes to scare or not?

In theory, the opponent’s mentality is the same as yours, completely unaware of the cards in each other’s hands, so whoever has the better mentality will be the ultimate winner.

In addition, in each game, if you pay attention, you will see that the person with the small card will choose face down and vice versa, the big card will follow until the end.

So for this person, always be careful because it is likely that they will raise big to end the game with a win.

(3) Build yourself a suitable strategy in each game

Why bother building a suitable strategy for each game and not for the whole match?

Basically, each bet always has a different way of playing, so if applied in general, it can cause heavy losses. In addition, if you encounter a small card that is not beneficial, please choose one of the following two solutions:

  • In this case, you can put your cards face down, but you absolutely must not face them continuously to avoid being caught by your opponent. Instead, “lure your cards” by raising lightly before folding to both preserve your capital and avoid being psychologically captured by your opponents.
  • You can threaten, because it’s possible that your opponent’s hand is lower than your hand. However, this method is only for the purpose of seeing the reaction, so you absolutely should not get involved when your opponent decides to follow to the end to avoid heavy losses.

The way to play Lieng always wins that players often apply is not to raise continuously. Because if you encounter a tougher or higher level opponent, future damage will certainly be inevitable.

(4) Stay calm in all situations and be alert in every bet

One of the keys to determining victory and defeat and class between players is the ability to observe the situation and alertness to catch the opponent’s cards.

There have been many brothers who fell into the trap of being “bought for” by their opponents but could not keep calm after continuously receiving low-value cards.

Frustration, irritation and loss of control in each move are good opportunities for your opponent to capture your psychology.

Therefore, the prerequisite to becoming a good Lieng player is to always keep a cool head.

At the same time, you must calmly observe and choose the appropriate time to scare the opponent.

The difference between a master and a novice is that he often pays attention to how his opponent plays cards through psychology.

From there, it is easy to guess whether the value of the cards in their hand is large or small to bet appropriately. This is the secret to building an effective way to play Lieng as well as forming a good player.

Sharing some tips on how to play Lieng well from experts

Normally, masters will always have their own style of playing Lieng cards to win against their opponents. Therefore, if you are just a dreamer and have not built a way to always win Lieng cards.

Then learn these tips to improve your level.

(1) Scaring opponents

Always be flexible in betting between big and small cards against your opponents when playing Lieng. Because if you apply this method of playing, it will make it difficult for the opponent to catch cards and not know when to call real and when to call fake.

Playing Lieng according to the “crab crab” method, meaning being too sure of your hand will cause you to lose heavily if you encounter a master.

Therefore, for every 10 games, fake 3 games to make it difficult for the opponent to imitate your playing style. From there, increase your winning rate.

(2) Choose a crowded betting table to participate

When joining a game portal or bookmaker to play Lieng, you should prioritize choosing a betting table with 4-6 people.

Because crowded betting tables not only help increase winnings but also minimize fake calls from players. Although the win rate is reduced, the probability of encountering high cards will increase significantly.

How to play Lieng cards and always win by tricking your opponent

Currently, in order to optimize their odds, many people use Lieng card game to always win by tricking.

However, to be effective, the prerequisite is that you need to practice your techniques to become most proficient. Let’s take a look at some of the tricks being used in real life below.

(1) Technique of hiding cards

This is a technique often used by table owners to detect good or bad cards. Accordingly, every time he shuffles the cards, he will shuffle them randomly and when dealing, he will find a suitable position to distribute the cards.

The purpose of that action is to create a mark for the following games.

This means that after finishing the last hand, the person using the trick technique will collect the cards and take advantage of the previous channel points to put the cards in the appropriate position.

Applying this way of playing will help you own a good hand and thereby increase your probability of winning.

(2) Method of playing tricks using the Lieng key

Lieng key means that 2 or more players will cooperate with each other to shuffle the cards.

This is a trick used to deceive the dealer and these people will secretly exchange with each other to mutually benefit and create a beautiful hand for themselves.

From there, the person who gets locked will be at a disadvantage and the risk of being left empty-handed is extremely high.

(3) Technique of dealing Lieng to master the game

This is a technique that is performed by combining with the following functions: hook dis, pass division, middle division, penultimate division and handicap division.

However, because many techniques must be applied, players need to be skillful if they do not want to be detected.

(4) Use support tools in playing Lieng Chep

Currently, many people have found support tools to play Lieng Chep to make money more easily. However, to apply, you can only play in real life instead of at the casino.

Because usually on game portals or bonus houses, there will be a fairly fair and transparent environment.

  • Using the Mother and Child deck: This is a popular Lieng Che playing tool using a specially designed card type. If you pay attention, you will see that some cards in the Mother and Child suit will have a larger design than the other cards, such as J, Q, K.
  • Using contact lenses and penetrating cards: These are two extremely effective Lieng deception tools today. Accordingly, see-through cards will be coated with a reflective substance by the manufacturer so that the person wearing glasses can see the cards in their opponent’s hand to build a suitable strategy for themselves.
  • Card playing phone: This tool is also used by many Lieng con players. Accordingly, each card will be designed with a barcode and the player will use a special phone to detect the value of the card in the opponent’s hand. defense.

Conclusion on how to play card game Lieng always wins

So, above is all the detailed information on how to play Lieng always win for those who want to learn, especially those who are new to this sport.

Hope this article of New88 has partly brought you useful knowledge to be able to apply to make the game luckier.

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