The clearest, easiest-to-understand way to calculate lottery payouts for lottery players

Among the 3-region lotteries, the Northern lottery has the most special forms of play as well as ways to calculate rewards. Accordingly, each different form of lottery playing according to the Northern lottery will have a different way of calculating the lottery payout. Although there is a lot, if you study carefully you will feel that it is no longer complicated. Together Trang Chủ Hi88 See how to calculate the most accurate lottery right in the article below.

How to calculate points and lottery money

With the Northern lottery, specifically, each day there will be a total of 27 prizes, from the special prize to the 7th prize. For lottery players, the way to play is based on the results of these 27 prizes as a reference for the results. plot threads.

  • Lottery rules: Each player will choose any pair of numbers between 00 and 99, then pay the bet for that number.
  • How to calculate lottery points: Playing lottery according to Northern lottery results will usually be based on points and participants must play at least 1 point. In most places, the bet amount for 1 lot point is 23 thousand VND, in some places it can be 22 or 21.8 thousand VND.

The way to calculate the score of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lotteries is the easiest method to win.

  • How to compare the results: With the lottery results, we will compare the last 2 numbers in all the prizes of the Northern lottery results table drawn that same day to see if we won. or not. If the initial number the player chooses matches any of the last two numbers of the prize, it means you have won the lottery.
  • Lottery calculation method: Players who win each lottery point will receive an amount equivalent to 80 thousand VND. In case there are many prizes that day with the last 2 numbers being the same, coinciding with the number you have recorded n times, your prize amount only needs to be calculated by multiplying 80 thousand times n times.

With these types of lots, players will have some traditional prediction methods to apply in choosing numbers. Prediction helps players increase their odds of winning, choosing numbers logically and not relying entirely on “luck”

How to calculate lottery odds

Northern lottery is a way to play with a lower winning rate than traditional lottery. However, in this form, players will have a higher reward rate, so cross lottery is always an attractive category for players.

According to statistics every day, the number of people choosing to play lottery is extremely large, but not everyone understands it How to calculate lottery odds in the most specific way.

To be able to grasp the trick of calculating lottery numbers and how much money each skewer wins, you first need to firmly grasp the rules of each type of game. We will learn through how to calculate the lottery amount for each specific type as follows:

How to calculate cross lotteries 2

Double lottery is also known as double lottery. This type of lottery is simply understood as a form of play where instead of 1 number, the player will choose 2 numbers – 2 different numbers. These two numbers are combined into a pair and you use them to bet.

The 2nd cross is only confirmed as winning when both of your numbers coincide with the last 2 digits of the prizes in the Northern lottery results that day. If only 1 of the 2 numbers does not come back, the player is considered to have not won and loses the bet amount.

So if you win, how is the lottery payout determined? The specific answer is as follows:

  • Cross lot number 2 has the form of calculating the reward at a rate of 1/10. This means that if you bet 10,000 VND on pair 2 and win, the amount you will receive back is 10,000*10 = 100,000 VND.
  • Depending on the different house, the calculation of the 2nd lotteries will also be different. Normally, bookmakers’ winning odds will range from 10 to 17 times.
  • For the Southern and Central region’s lotteries, the winning player’s 2nd lotteries calculation is applied at a rate of 1/23. Simply explained, if you bet 1 lot point and win, the prize amount will be multiplied by 23 times the original ticket purchase amount.

How to calculate lottery odds 3

With 3-way lottery, the way to play and calculate money is similar to 2-way lottery. However, instead of choosing 2 numbers, you will choose 3 numbers to bet. The player will be confirmed as a winner when all 3 selected numbers match the last numbers of the Northern lottery.

As long as 1 or more numbers do not come back on the same day, the player is considered to have lost the amount of money they originally bet. So to know how much money the player wins in case of winning, you can refer to the following way to calculate the 3-way lottery payout:

  • With Northern lottery, usually the odds will be 1/40 when you bet at a lottery company. This means that when you bet 10,000 VND, when you win, you will receive back 40,000 * 10 = 400,000 VND.
  • The way to calculate the 3-way lotteries may change when you bet at the bookies. In some places, this betting odds can be up to 1/76. This means that when betting an amount of 10,000 VND, the 3-way prize received is up to 760,000 VND.
  • For Southern and Central lotteries, the 3-way lottery calculation will be based on odds of 1/80.

How to calculate lottery odds 4

It can be seen that these forms of lottery selection are different in the numbers you choose and the odds you participate in. With 4-way lottery, players will choose 4 different numbers to create their set of numbers.

The method of calculating the 4-way lotteries is usually applied at a rate of 1/100. This means that with only 10,000 initial bets, players can receive a bonus of up to 1,000,000 VND. This attractive prize attracts many players to participate every day.

Also, how Calculate lottery money Different localities or bookmakers may also have their own unique characteristics. Therefore, before participating in betting on parlays, you should carefully learn the rules of the game as well as calculate the parlays at that place.

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The latest way to calculate lottery numbers

If longtime players are familiar with traditional lotteries and skewers, recently many people have chosen the skewer format to play. Rotating skewers are also divided into 3 types:

  • Rotating skewer 2
  • Rotating skewer 3
  • Rotating skewer 4

Each type has its own way of playing and payment method. As follows:

  • How to calculate the payout for the 2nd lottery: The 2nd lottery is determined to be a winning prize when the 2 numbers the player chooses are both present on the results table. Players are redeemed at a rate of 1/10. If one of the two numbers does not come back, the player is considered to have not won and loses the bet amount. This form is similar to the traditional 2-way lottery calculation.
  • How to calculate 3-way lottery: Similar to traditional 3-way lottery, the player is determined to win when the 3 numbers you choose are all present on the results table. The redemption rate is 1/65. However, the way to calculate 3-way lottery money is different in that if out of 3 numbers there is only 1 number that does not come back, the player can still redeem the prize. The redemption rate applied in this case is the rate of the 2nd lottery draw.
  • How to calculate 4-way lottery: Similar to traditional 4-way lottery, the player is determined to win when all 4 selected numbers appear on the lottery results table. The redemption rate of 4-way lottery is 1/170. In case there is only 1 number that does not come back, the player will be rewarded according to the ratio of the 3-way lottery calculation. If there are 2 numbers that do not come back, the player will be rewarded according to the ratio of the 2nd lottery.

How to calculate Northern lottery money

Over time, many forms of lottery play have been created and gained popularity among players across the country. However, Northern lottery still maintains its position with long-time customers and attracts new customers to join.

The way to calculate Northern lottery money is specifically determined by players as follows:

  • Lottery is a form of play in which you will check the results based on the special prize of the Northern lottery drawn every day. Accordingly, players who want to participate only need to predict the last 2 digits in the 5-digit special prize. If the number you predicted matches, you will receive a bonus, otherwise, if you do not win, you will lose the amount you previously bet.
  • We will calculate the Northern lottery payout at a rate of 1/70. This means that when you bet 10,000 VND, the bonus you receive is 700,000 VND.
  • Currently, in some localities and different bookmakers, the way to calculate Northern lottery numbers is no longer 1/70 but can increase or decrease to ratios such as: 0.9/70, 0.8/ 70, 0.75/70,…. Players can refer to many different places to find the place with the best and most suitable betting odds.

In this article, we have provided you with some basic information about how to calculate lottery points, calculate traditional lottery numbers, rotating lottery numbers, etc. If players do not clearly understand these methods of calculating lottery numbers, they will cannot become professional and suffer some unnecessary disadvantages during the game.

Hopefully with this useful information you can make the best choices for yourself when deciding to participate in this red and black game. Please research carefully and calculate to increase your chances of winning.

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