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Redefining Precision in Compact Spaces: Benewake’s TF-Luna Lidar Range Finder

A major advancement in the realm of portable and effective distance measuring technology has been made with Benewake’s TF-Luna lidar range finder. Leveraging the Time-of-Flight (TOF) principle, this single-point ranging LiDAR excels in delivering stable, accurate, and highly sensitive range measurements. Tailored for versatility, the TF-Luna is equipped with advanced algorithms and customizable settings to enhance its performance across diverse application environments, making it an indispensable tool in modern technology sectors.

Compact and Efficient Design

The TF-Luna distinguishes itself with a remarkably compact design, measuring just 35mm21.25mm13.5mm and weighing less than 5g. This small size and light weight make the device exceptionally easy to install and integrate into various systems, including those where space and load are at a premium. Despite its diminutive stature, the TF-Luna does not compromise on performance, ensuring that users can rely on it for precise distance measurements in tightly constrained setups.

Energy-Saving Technology for Prolonged Use

With a power consumption of only 0.35W, the TF-Luna is ideal for battery-operated or energy-sensitive applications. This low power requirement enables the lidar range finder to function in environments where power efficiency is crucial, such as in remote monitoring systems or portable technology devices, ensuring prolonged operation without frequent recharges or power source changes.

Advanced Configurability for Complex Environments

The TF-Luna is not just a tool for measurement; it is a solution that adapts to its surroundings. With built-in adaptive algorithms designed for various settings and the ability to tweak numerous operational parameters, this lidar range finder can maintain outstanding performance even in complex and demanding scenarios. This adaptability allows it to meet specific customer needs and excel in applications that require detailed and sensitive environmental analysis.


Benewake‘s TF-Luna lidar range finder combines the best of compact design and sophisticated technology to offer a powerful solution for distance measurement. Its ability to deliver high stability, accuracy, and sensitivity, coupled with its energy efficiency and adaptability, makes it a top choice for professionals seeking reliability in compact form factors. As the demand for precise and flexible measuring tools increases, the TF-Luna is poised to become a staple in technology toolkits across industries.

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