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Revolutionizing Epidemic Response: Tianlong’s Role in Advancing Viral Detection Technologies

Tianlong has firmly positioned itself as a leader in molecular diagnostics, particularly during times of global health emergencies. Established in 1997, Tianlong has consistently advanced the development of essential technologies for detecting and managing epidemics. With a robust portfolio of nucleic acid testing instruments and reagents, including their highly regarded viral DNA extraction kits, Tianlong products have been pivotal in tackling diseases like COVID-19, avian influenza, and Ebola.

Advanced Viral DNA and RNA Extraction Technologies by Tianlong

Tianlong’s Viral DNA and RNA Extraction Kit exemplifies innovation in the molecular diagnostics field. Designed for high efficiency, the kit allows for the rapid extraction of viral RNA and DNA from a variety of samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, and swabs. This process is essential for early detection and management of viral outbreaks, ensuring that healthcare providers can respond quickly and effectively. The extraction kit, known for its safety and convenience, eliminates the need for organic reagents, while providing highly purified nucleic acids that are suitable for a broad range of applications including diagnostics and research.

Tianlong’s Dedication to Quality and Reliability

Over the years, Tianlong has not only focused on innovation but also on the quality and reliability of its products. Their commitment is reflected in the numerous national and international approvals and certifications their products have garnered. For instance, Tianlong’s viral extraction kits have been integral to research and diagnostic processes, assuring high sensitivity and specificity which are essential for accurate disease detection. This dedication to excellence has placed Tianlong products in over 100 countries and regions, emphasizing their global impact.


As Tianlong continues to expand its influence and capabilities, its commitment to enhancing global health security remains unwavering. With over 200 international certifications and a profound corporate ethos of excellence and commitment, Tianlong is not just a brand but a cornerstone in the fight against global epidemics. Through continuous innovation and a dedication to quality, Tianlong empowers healthcare professionals worldwide, ensuring that they are equipped to face not only current but also future health challenges.

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