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Powering Heavy Hauls with Techking’s SUPER ETOT(TL) Haul Truck Tires

When it comes to haul truck operations, having durable and high-load capacity tires is crucial. Techking‘s SUPER ETOT(TL) haul truck tires are specifically designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty hauling, offering exceptional strength, durability, and increased load capacity. Let’s explore the features that make these tires the ultimate choice for haul truck applications.

Unrivaled Casing Strength for Maximum Durability

Techking’s SUPER ETOT(TL) haul truck tires boast an impressive 30% increase in casing strength. This enhanced strength is achieved through the use of ultra-high-tensile steel wires that reinforce the tire’s carcass. With this advanced technology, these tires can withstand the extreme conditions of haul truck operations, providing exceptional durability and resistance against cuts, punctures, and other forms of damage. When you choose SUPER ETOT(TL) tires, you can trust that your haul trucks are equipped with tires built to handle the toughest environments.

Enhanced Load Capacity for Heavy-Duty Hauling

Haul trucks are designed to carry substantial loads, and Techking’s SUPER ETOT(TL) tires are up to the task. These tires feature a double-layer nylon chafer that reinforces the tire bead and increases the load capacity by an impressive 160%. This means that you can transport heavier loads with confidence, knowing that your tires can handle the weight. With SUPER ETOT(TL) haul truck tires, you can optimize your hauling operations and increase productivity.


Techking’s SUPER ETOT(TL) haul truck tires are the ultimate choice for heavy-duty hauling needs. Experience superior performance with the advanced tread pattern and high-quality rubber compound, providing excellent traction, stability, and handling. Choose Techking’s SUPER ETOT(TL) haul truck tires for unmatched strength, durability, and increased load capacity in your haul truck applications. Contact Techking today to elevate your haul truck operations with these exceptional tires.

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