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Leading the Way: Ledman’s DS Series Indoor LED Display Board

The DS Series is a superb line of indoor LED display boards from Ledman, a well-known company in the LED display business. Ledman’s DS Series, driven by exclusive technology, blends cutting-edge design and inventive features to produce visually stunning experiences. Ledman’s indoor LED display boards set the industry standard for quality with their Pixel Sharing Engines technology, which has secured patents from multiple countries.

Pixel Sharing Engines for Unmatched Visual Performance

Ledman’s DS Series indoor LED display boards incorporate the revolutionary Pixel Sharing Engines technology, which ensures unmatched visual performance. This proprietary technology optimizes pixel sharing across the display, resulting in seamless and uniform image quality. By eliminating any potential gaps or irregularities between pixels, Ledman’s DS Series achieves a stunningly smooth and immersive visual experience. The Pixel Sharing Engines technology is a testament to Ledman’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of LED display technology.

Patented Technology Securing Global Recognition

Ledman’s indoor LED video wall, featuring the Pixel Sharing Engines technology, has earned patents from various countries. This recognition highlights the uniqueness and innovation of Ledman’s proprietary technology. By securing patents, Ledman showcases its dedication to advancing LED display solutions and staying at the forefront of the industry. These patents solidify Ledman’s position as a leader in the market, offering customers the assurance of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled visual performance.


Ledman’s DS Series indoor LED display boards, powered by proprietary technology and the patented Pixel Sharing Engines, redefine visual performance. The Pixel Sharing Engines technology optimizes pixel sharing, resulting in seamless and uniform image quality. Ledman’s commitment to innovation and excellence is further underscored by the global recognition and patents secured for their indoor LED video wall. With Ledman’s DS Series, customers can expect industry-leading visual experiences and the assurance of cutting-edge technology. Ledman continues to raise the bar in the LED display industry, setting new standards for quality and performance.

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