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Which Nutrients Should I Take?

I want to provide you with a basic supplementation plan to follow now and after you’ve reached your goal weight. Certain nutrients can aid in weight loss, so I have devised a basic formula integral to the Atkins Nutritional Approach. This formula is also perfectly appropriate once you’ve reached Lifetime Maintenance. I’ll list its contents, so you won’t necessarily have to get them from Atkins Nutritionals (in which, of course, I have a financial involvement). Instead, you can provide yourself with a collection of vitamins that provide the equivalent nutritional support.

More Basic Support

Once you’ve decided on an appropriate vitamin and mineral formula along the lines of Basic #3, another important nutrient group should be part of any permanent plan. Ever wonder why your doctor advises you to take one baby aspirin a day? It’s because it thins your blood and helps it flow more easily through your veins, carrying nutrients to your cells and brain. It also protects your arteries from forming plaque. Well, the essential fatty acids (EFA) do the same thing, without the side effects of aspirin. EFAs also keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy. Unfortunately, the typical American diet tends to be deficient in EFAs, particularly Omega-3s. You won’t find them in multiple vitamins/minerals because oils don’t mix well with the dry powders pressed into tablets.

Other Weight Loss Assistance

Occasionally, a nutritional shortcoming can lower your metabolism and increase your resistance to weight loss. If you’re unable to lose weight or your progress is slow or nearly nonexistent, you may want to consider certain nutrients that can help break up a weight loss logjam. The first is L-carnation, which is involved in fat transport. When carnation is deficient, overweight people have difficulty getting into lipolysis and the secondary process of ketosis. As a nutrient, the carnation has been used to correct cardiomyopathy, help stabilize heart rhythm, lower triglyceride levels, and increase HDL (the good cholesterol).’ For these conditions, the dosage ranges between 1,000 and 2,000 mg daily. For weight loss, a typical dose is 1,500 mg. Another weight loss aid is Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which plays a vital role in heart function.

Additional Advantages

Now that I’ve laid out the basic framework of supplementation, I’d like to discuss specific nutritional solutions to common problems. This information will help increase your knowledge and awareness of the benefits of complementary medicine. However, these dosages are general recommendations and not specific prescriptions. If you suffer from one of these problems, I’d truly love it if you came for a consultation so that you could be provided with a personalized supplementation protocol. Since that probably isn’t possible, please visit us at www. for other options.

Nutritional Approaches to Health Problems

The most common health complications faced by overweight men and women arise from the risk factors associated with blood-sugar disturbances, such as hypoglycemia and diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For these conditions, I commonly prescribe the nutrients described below. Again, I remind you that these dosages represent what I often define and might, in fact, define for you if you suffer from one of these complications:

Last word

In Dr. Atkins’ Vita-Nutrient Solution, I supply the breakdown of all the Atkins formulas, the exact quantities of nutrients, and greater detail on what these essential substances can do for you. I hope I have convinced you to learn about vital nutrients. While controlling your intake of carbohydrates gives you a metabolic edge, similarly, the targeted use of nutritional supplements arms you with another kind of edge. Learn about them and how to use them properly. When you do, you will enjoy a double health advantage.

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