Finding a Dental Clinic in Bangkok

Perhaps you are in Bangkok for a vacation and your tooth chips on that scrumptious plate of pad thai when you accidentally chew into the chopstick. You might even be in Singapore and contemplating on getting some affordable dental work done on your next flight to Bangkok. How do you find a dental clinic in Bangkok that would meet your needs? 

Most of us wouldn’t walk into a dental clinic voluntarily. Visiting a dentist, for most people, is a rather uncomfortable experience. There’s always a certain amount of fear and trepidation associated with the visit as you contemplate which of those shiny implements your dentist will be using on you during your visit.

The fact is, modern dentistry has come a long way from the impression of being intimidating agents of torture. Most dentists (and dental clinics in particular) are looking to have your continued patronage and will thus do their utmost to make your visit as comfortable and stress free as possible. But these are a few points you should think about when selecting your next dental clinic.

The Clinic

In most of our daily interactions with people, first impressions matter and the same applies when you’re looking for your next dental clinic in Bangkok. For a start, does the clinic look clean and modern? This is a clear indication of how seriously your dentist (or its parent company) cares about their business. And this would naturally give you an impression of the quality of care you can expect from them as well.
Logic would dictate that if you have spent a lot of money to make a good impression with fancy stucco, you would naturally want to keep a high level of service excellence to validate the expenditure.


Naturally, the next consideration would be location because depending on the procedure you are planning on doing, you might not want to be stuck in traffic after your dental visit. Especially if your cheeks are tender and swollen like a squirrel in winter.


Gone are the days where businesses can take liberties with their customers and not suffer any repercussion from their actions. And given the popularity of Google reviews online, it’s almost a given that you will be able to find reviews on nearly every dental clinic in Bangkok. This would help significantly in giving you a peace of mind when selecting your next dentist.


Picking a dental clinic in Bangkok shouldn’t be a complicated affair and at About Tooth Dental Clinic, you can rest assured knowing that you will be in good hands. The dental clinic has numerous years of experience servicing both local and foreign patients since 2015. You can click here for more helpful articles on dental health.

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