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NewStar: Your Trusted Trailer Hitch Motorcycle Rack Supplier Meeting Growing Demand

The demand for trailer hitch motorcycle racks in the US market has been on the rise, driven by the increasing popularity of recreational motorcycle riding and the need for convenient transportation solutions. As a leading supplier in the industry, NewStar offers a range of high-quality trailer hitch motorcycle racks, including their flagship product, the Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier. In this article, we will explore the growing demand for trailer hitch motorcycle racks in the US market and how NewStar’s Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier meets this demand.

The Growing Demand for Trailer Hitch Motorcycle Racks:

The US market has witnessed a surge in demand for trailer hitch motorcycle racks due to several factors. Motorcycle enthusiasts and riders are seeking convenient and versatile solutions to transport their bikes without the need for bulky trailers. The ability to attach a rack to a vehicle’s trailer hitch receiver offers flexibility, maneuverability, and cost-effectiveness, contributing to the increasing demand.

NewStar’s Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier:

NewStar’s Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier stands out as a reliable and durable solution that meets the growing demand for trailer hitch motorcycle racks. Here’s how it addresses the needs of customers:

Heavy-Duty Construction:

The Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier by NewStar is constructed from 100% heavy-duty steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. It is designed to handle a weight capacity of 500 lbs, making it suitable for various types of motorcycles, including motocross bikes, scooters, and off-road dirt bikes.

Portable and Convenient:

NewStar’s motorcycle carrier offers portability and convenience. It includes a loading ramp that facilitates easy and efficient loading of motorcycles onto the carrier. The ramp can be attached to the carrier for secure transport, allowing riders to quickly and effortlessly load and unload their bikes.

Versatility and Compatibility:

The Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier is compatible with any 2-inch square receiver, fitting standard Class II, III, IV, or V trailer hitches. Its versatile design allows loading from either the left or right side, providing flexibility to riders. Additionally, the carrier features a front tire slot that securely holds the motorcycle in place during transit, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage.

Safety and Stability:

NewStar’s motorcycle carrier includes an anti-tilt mechanism, ensuring stability and safety during transportation. This feature reduces wobbling and swaying, providing a secure and smooth ride for motorcycles. The steel powder-coated construction adds durability and protects against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.


As the demand for trailer hitch motorcycle racks continues to grow in the US market, NewStar’s Hitch-Mounted Steel Motorcycle Carrier meets the evolving needs of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. With its heavy-duty construction, portability, compatibility, and safety features, NewStar’s motorcycle carrier offers a reliable and convenient solution for transporting motorcycles. Choose NewStar as your trusted trailer hitch motorcycle rack supplier and elevate your customers’ transportation experience to new heights.

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