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Transforming Urological Procedures with ClearPetra® Access Sheath

ClearPetra® Access Sheath, a groundbreaking product from Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd., is transforming the way healthcare professionals approach urological procedures. This innovative and patented technology offers a range of benefits that address the unique challenges faced in this field.

Improved Visibility and Control

It is possible for medical professionals to keep a clear view of the treatment site while they are doing procedures thanks to the ClearPetra® Access Sheath, which is constructed out of a material that is transparent. This increased visibility permits better control and precision, which ultimately results in improved patient outcomes and a reduction in the number of problems that occur during the procedure.

Effective Intra-Renal Pressure Management

The presence of a high intra-renal pressure during lithotripsy has been demonstrated in studies to be associated with certain significant consequences. The ClearPetra® Access Sheath offers a solution to this issue, making it possible for medical practitioners to exert active and simple control over the intra-renal pressure without impairing the vision field.

Efficient Stone Fragment Evacuation

The innovative design of the ClearPetra® Access Sheath makes it possible to easily remove stone pieces by the use of suction, which streamlines the process and results in a reduction in the total amount of time required for the surgery.


As a result of its construction with high-quality materials, the ClearPetra® Access Sheath is unusually long-lasting and adaptable, which guarantees dependable performance in a wide variety of urological procedures. Furthermore, its utility in healthcare settings is further enhanced by the fact that it may be easily integrated with a wide variety of medical devices and equipment.

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