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Interactive Flat Panels – Ikinor’s Expertise in OEM/ODM Services

Ikinor stands as a leading interactive flat panel supplier, offering unparalleled OEM/ODM services that define industry standards. With a history of excellence, Ikinor empowers brands to realize their product visions. Ikinor’s journey begins with a comprehensive understanding of your product requirements, paving the way for a collaborative design process. The fusion of your concepts and Ikinor’s expertise gives birth to interactive whiteboard displays that exceed expectations.

Requirement and Design Phase

Embarking on an exciting journey of innovation, Ikinor works closely with you to gather intricate product details. Their experts meticulously analyze these specifications to provide an accurate product quotation. Moving seamlessly into the design phase, product hardware intricacies are meticulously crafted. Each element is carefully nurtured, and artwork is submitted for your approval.

Sample and Testing

Sample production ensures that the product aligns with your aspirations. Rigorous testing ensues, encompassing full functionality tests, reliability assessments, and third-party evaluations. At every step, Ikinor ensures that your product not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks.

Production and Beyond

A testament to Ikinor‘s commitment, bulk production commences with unmatched precision. Ikinor’s expansive 30,000-square-meter factory, fortified by cutting-edge equipment, allows them to cater to your OEM/ODM needs efficiently. Their ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified facilities mirror their dedication to quality. Your journey with Ikinor doesn’t end with product delivery; it begins a new chapter of collaboration and excellence.

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