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Enhancing Efficiency with SmartMoreInside Barcode Scanners

SmartMoreInside, a barcode scanner manufacturer of SmartMore Corporation, offers a diverse range of industrial and commercial handheld code readers that are designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in various industries. With their advanced features and cutting-edge technology, these barcode scanners provide reliable performance and user-friendly functionality.

SmartMoreInside’s Industrial Scanners

  1. SMI-HA310W-02 – Wireless Commercial Handheld Code Reader:

The SMI-HA310W-02 is a versatile barcode scanner that supports both 1D and 2D codes across various scenarios. Its 2.4G wireless communication capability allows for seamless connectivity within a 50-meter working distance. Additionally, the scanner provides off-line storage functionality, ensuring convenient data access and retrieval.

  1. SMI-HA320-01 – High-Performance 1D/2D Handheld Scanner:

Equipped with excellent scanning modules, the SMI-HA320-01 offers quick and accurate reading of barcodes. By reducing eye fatigue and ensuring high work efficiency, this scanner enables operators to maintain optimal productivity. The user-friendly configuration program simplifies the startup process, making it accessible even to inexperienced users.

Key Features of SmartMoreInside’s Commercial Handheld Code Readers

  1. Advanced Wireless Technology Integration:

SmartMoreInside’s barcode scanners feature dual wireless connectivity options—2.4G and Bluetooth. This integration allows for wireless connections with or without Bluetooth-equipped devices. Furthermore, the scanners offer an additional data cable connection option, providing versatility for various setup requirements.

  1. Superior Scanning Capabilities:

With cutting-edge scanning modules, SmartMoreInside barcode scanners can accurately read paper barcodes and electronic screen codes, including poor-quality and damaged barcodes. Users can rely on these scanners for precise results, promoting operational efficiency. The inclusion of a high-capacity battery with mobile phone fast charging technology ensures continuous power and an uninterrupted scanning experience.

  1. Wireless On-screen Functionality:

The barcode scanner manufacturer SmartMoreInside’s barcode scanners, such as the SMI-HA320-02, seamlessly integrate 2.4G wireless and dual-mode Bluetooth technology. They feature a large 1.8-inch TFT color screen that displays real-time product information, revolutionizing traditional scanner design. The multi-angle visibility and excellent performance of these scanners provide operators with enhanced control and a superior user experience.


In conclusion, the barcode scanner manufacturer SmartMoreInside barcode scanners offer an array of features designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in various industries. With their industrial and commercial handheld code readers, such as the SMI-HA310W-02 and SMI-HA320-01, SmartMoreInside provides reliable performance, advanced wireless technology integration, superior scanning capabilities, and wireless on-screen functionality. Trust SmartMoreInside to deliver innovative solutions that optimize your business operations and drive success.

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