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Enhance Communication and Efficiency with Contact Logistics on Track 718.

Welcome to TRACK718, where contact logistics become effortless and efficient. Contact logistics refers to the seamless communication and collaboration between various stakeholders involved in the logistics process. With TRACK718, an open platform that offers free entry, you can experience the advantages of contact logistics and optimize your operations.

Open Platform for Seamless Collaboration

TRACK718 provides an open platform for all participants in the logistics industry to collaborate effectively. Whether you are a carrier, a contact logistics service provider, or an e-commerce seller, you can join TRACK718 and benefit from the open ecology it offers. This open platform promotes mutual benefits and creates a win-win environment for all parties involved. Embrace the power of collaboration and streamline your contact logistics processes with Track 718.

Comprehensive Query Services for Package Information

One of the standout features of TRACK718 is its comprehensive query services for package information. As a user, you can easily access and query your package information on the TRACK718 platform. The platform supplements the first and last package information, providing customers with a complete and accurate tracking query experience. Stay informed about your package’s journey and improve customer satisfaction by leveraging the robust query services offered by Track718.


Track718 provides a powerful platform for contact logistics, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among various stakeholders. With its open platform and comprehensive query services, TRACK718 fosters mutual benefits and enhances customer satisfaction. Embrace the advantages of contact logistics on Track 718 and optimize your logistics operations for success. Join TRACK718 today and experience the efficiency and effectiveness it brings to your contact logistics endeavors.

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