A short guide to Ikura and red caviar

What is Ikura and red caviar? Is it taste good? Is it healthier? Such questions are mostly asked by different people who rarely tried Japanese-style food.

if you are the one who hesitates to taste the red caviar or Ikura just because you never tried and seen it before then I must say you are missing out on some great tasteful food.

Yes! Ikura is the most famous food in Japanese cuisine it is paired up with different food items such as Sushi rolls, rice bowls, crackers, new potatoes, butter toast, and many other dishes.

But I am feeling that it’s not a great idea to tell you more about Ikura instead we need to start delivering information in a sequence so, let’s start from the scratch and let me tell you all the necessary details about the Ikura and red caviar


Ikura is known as the red caviar and Solman eggs too. it is known for the red caviar because of its textured orange and red-hued shade. Secondly, it is known as the solman eggs because it is retrieved from the solman fish.

These fishes can be caught from both wild and farm-based but, the wild fish eggs are tastier and more textured than the farm-based fishes. So, there is a particular time duration in which these solman fishes produce the eggs. It starts in June, then come to its peak in July and lasts until August.

If you want fresh Ikura then the right time to get the eggs is right after the breeding session. Simply, the more your fresh solman roe means the fresher Ikura you will get.

Now the next question is whether it tastes good?

Well, I am not overrating it but if you once try it in your life then you never resist having it instead you will crave it. its soft-shelled, glossy, salty, and sweet taste will give you a delightful experience. These eggs are so delicate to eat and cook. First, it comes in the shell then while washing you have to remove the shall, and after that, you can eat it or use it with any other food item.

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Always remember one thing for Ikura freshness is key the more it will be fresh the greater taste you will have. It is mostly dipped in soy sauce as it enhances its taste and makes it juicier.

Now lastly, you might be thinking that what is its nutritional value and how much is it healthy to eat?

Well, Ikura is enriched with nutritional factors. It has 5 to 6 grams of proteins, vitamin D, C, and B12 and carries high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, such as IPA, EPA, and DHA. It is best for your heart, and eyes health. Also, it helps your mind to grow faster and stronger.

If you are a fitness freak then you can also top it on your salad and consume enriched protein of the salmon eggs/Ikura.

Final thoughts

Ikura is long being eaten in the Japanese cuisine but now it is also loved and eaten on other sides of the world so, this guide is for those who never tried red caviar before.

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