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What Distinguishes Implantable PEEK From Other Materials?

In addition to implanted medical devices, PEEK is used in numerous other applications, such as heart valves and vascular grafts. This essay goes into great detail on why implantable PEEK is preferable to alternative materials.

Polyether ether ketone, also known as thermoplastic PEEK, is a chemical. PEEK which can be implanted into the body is a favored material for medical equipment since it is biocompatible and resistant to many chemicals and temperatures. PEEK is a desirable material for medical devices since it can also be sterilized using traditional techniques and is intended to be implanted into patients.

Implantable PEEK is a polymer that has many benefits over other materials in terms of implantable medical devices. PEEK is a well-liked alternative for the following four factors:

  1. Robustness: PEEK implantable materials can tolerate extremely high temperatures and pressures. Due to this, PEEK is a fantastic material for implants like pacemakers and coronary stents that must be inserted deeply into the body.
  2. Toxicology: Because implantable PEEK is non-toxic, there are fewer risks of infection or negative side effects than with other materials. As a result, PEEK is a preferred material for medical devices that must be implanted for a lengthy period.
  3. Moisture resistance: Implantable PEEK has a high level of corrosion and moisture resistance, making it ideal for devices that must stay inside the body for an extended time. This includes heart valves and artificial limbs, among other things.
  4. Affordable Manufacturing: Implantable PEEK provides some benefits over other materials, including being more affordable. As a result, more affordable implants can be produced while still meeting strict performance and lifetime standards.

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