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Unveiling Reliability: Shenling’s Polestar Heat Pump and Its Key Defrosting Designs

When it comes to heat pumps, reliability is crucial. Shenling’s polestar heat pump surpasses expectations by incorporating three innovative designs that ensure reliable defrosting. These cutting-edge features not only prevent frost accumulation but also guarantee efficient and quick defrosting cycles. Let’s delve into the remarkable designs that make the polestar heat pump a game-changer in the industry.

Unveiling Reliability: Shenling’s Polestar Heat Pump and Its Key Defrosting Designs

Introduction to Shenling’s Polestar Heat Pump

The first design marvel of the polestar heat pump lies in its strategic use of a one-way valve at the bottom of the heat exchanger. During the heating cycle, the valve remains closed, preventing refrigerant from passing through and causing frosting. However, during defrosting, the high-temperature refrigerant passes through the one-way valve, swiftly eliminating frost and restoring optimal performance.

The second design innovation involves suspending the heat exchanger from the bottom tray, creating a crucial height difference that prevents ice accumulation. By maintaining a distance between the bottom of the heat exchanger and the water tray, ice formation is minimized, allowing condensed water to be swiftly removed during defrosting cycles. This design ensures uninterrupted operation and optimal defrosting performance.

The third design enhancement is the inclusion of a water and electricity heating belt within the heat exchange chassis. This intelligent heating belt automatically activates at low temperatures, preventing frost accumulation in the water tray and enabling smooth drainage. This design guarantees hassle-free defrosting and preserves the longevity of the heat pump.


Achieve unmatched reliability and worry-free defrosting with Shenling’s polestar heat pump. Embrace its advanced defrosting designs, experience consistent performance, and elevate comfort in your space. Discover the future of efficient heating and cooling technology by visiting Shenling’s official website today. Stay ahead with reliability and innovation with the polestar heat pump.

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