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Unlocking Solar Potential: Sungrow’s SG2.0RS-S Single-MPPT String Inverter

Ever wondered how cutting-edge technology could elevate your solar experience? Intoducing Sungrow‘s SG2.0RS-S, a Single-MPPT String Inverter tailored for 600 Vdc systems. This marvel is not just a solar inverter; it’s a game-changer in the sustainable energy landscape.

What is the SG2.0RS-S?

At the forefront of solar innovation, the SG2.0RS-S by Sungrow is a powerhouse designed to thrive in Australia’s high solar yield environment. This single-MPPT string inverter is a beacon of compatibility, seamlessly integrating with high-power PV modules and bifacial modules. But what sets it apart?

Why Choose the SG2.0RS-S?

Imagine a solar solution that not only optimizes energy capture but also prioritizes safety and reliability. The SG2.0RS-S goes beyond the ordinary, featuring a lower startup requirement and a wider MPPT voltage range for unparalleled efficiency. It’s equipped with a built-in smart PID recovery function, ensuring your system consistently performs at its best.

Safety is paramount, and Sungrow recognizes this. The SG2.0RS-S comes with an integrated arc fault circuit interrupter, Type II DC&AC SPD, and boasts a corrosion protection rating at C5. It’s not just an inverter; it’s a reliable fortress for your solar investment.

How Does It Work?

Ease of use meets smart management with the SG2.0RS-S. Its plug-and-play installation and one-click access to the iSolarCloud monitoring platform redefine user-friendly setup. The compact, A4-sized design with optimized heat dissipation ensures it seamlessly integrates into your solar ecosystem.


Sungrow’s SG2.0RS-S is not just a solar inverter; it’s a testament to innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Elevate your solar experience and embrace a sustainable future with Sungrow.

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