The Newest Invention In Pharmaceutical Packaging: Capsule Counting Machines

In this article, the inventors of a capsule counting machine talk about how it can easily solve the problem of counting capsules in a pharma packing process. A capsule counting machine is an automated machine that can count and sort capsules in a pharma packing process.

Why do pharmaceutical companies use capsule counting machines?

Pharmaceutical companies use capsule counting machines as part of their quality assurance procedures to ensure that the capsules are filled properly and that they are not overfilled. Capsule counting machines help to prevent accidental overfilling of the capsules and also help to ensure that the medication is being delivered in the correct dosage.

What are the benefits of using capsule counting machines?

Capsule counting machines are fairly new to the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The benefits of using capsule counting machines include faster and more accurate labeling of drug products and improved safety and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

How do they work?

The capsule counting machines work by taking photos of the capsules as they are being filled. This information is then used to calculate the number of capsules in the container. This information can then be used to calculate how much medication is inside and to ensure that the correct dosage is given.

What types of machines can I find in production settings?

A capsule counting machine is a machine used in pharmaceutical packaging to accurately count the number of capsules in a container.

There are a few different types of capsule counting machines available on the market, each with its own specific features and benefits.

-Flatbed Counting Machines: These machines have a flatbed that holds the capsules in place and allows for easy scanning. They are typically faster and more accurate than other types of machines, but they can be more expensive.

-Speed Counting Machines: Speed counting machines are similar to flatbed counting machines, but they have a movable arm that allows them to quickly scan across the container.

-Handheld Counting Machines: Handheld counting machines are smaller and easier to use than other types of machines, making them ideal for small production settings.


Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for ways to cut down on the number of capsules that they have to count and package. One way that they are doing this is by using capsule counting machines from Pharmapack, which help them ensure that every capsule is counted and packaged correctly. These machines use lasers and other optical technologies to read the barcodes on the capsules, which then allows the company to calculate how many pills are inside each container. This information can be used to produce accurate packing tables and ultimately improve the quality of pharmaceutical products.

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