Spark Their Interest In Stem Vocations With These Gifts

Are you looking for the ideal gift for the little ones in the house? Do your daughters and sons show interest in science? It’s time to help them stimulate their learning with the best games!

What are STEM games and what benefits do they provide?

STEM is the English acronym that corresponds to science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Therefore, STEM games are all those related to learning and knowledge of these subjects. An interesting way to introduce them to the professions of the future.

STEM games pose a multitude of challenges to girls and boys who must put into practice certain skills to solve them. In this way, a passion is developed and exercised that provides them with key digital skills to function with ease in an increasingly digitised world.

And STEM toys help:

  • Awaken their interest in subjects such as science, robotics or engineering that, many times, they do not have the opportunity to delve into at school.
  • Motivate them to continue discovering more, accentuating their curiosity.
  • Develop skills such as creativity, ingenuity or concentration.
  • Acquire useful skills such as logical reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Stimulate the mind.
  • Improve their autonomy and self-esteem, by seeing themselves capable of overcoming new challenges.
  • And, most importantly, make it all related to fun.

Therefore, it is interesting that, from home, it is the mothers and fathers themselves who observe the tastes of their daughters and sons and help them stimulate them.

Technological gifts to spark your curiosity

Are you looking to sow the seed of curiosity about scientific and technological professions in the little ones in the house? Blue Bells Public School help you with some technological gift ideas that integrate physical and digital play:

Create your own video game

Using a board and different coloured blocks, girls and boys will be able to create their own characters and scenarios for a video game. Then, by downloading the game app on your mobile, your creations will come to life, as the app’s camera digitizes them to put them on the screen and play with them.

Block construction

The traditional building game from blocks is transferred to the online world. In it, girls and boys will be able to develop their creativity by building different types of objects and buildings.

Once they have the pieces, they can use the associated application to live a much more complete experience: unlocking new games on their mobile after scanning a piece or finding new treasures through the clues that the app offers using the phone’s camera are some of them. of the possibilities of this type of connected construction toy.

Virtual races

A new way to experience car racing off the screen. The idea in this type of game is that the girl or boy drives a remote-controlled car in a traditional way throughout the room, but uses a video game console to do so.

In this way, the race is observed physically in first person wherever you are, even though the controls are “virtual”. A fun way to combine the real world with the online.

Create a robot

Who hasn’t dreamed of creating their own robot as a child? Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, there are various toys with which we can not only build a new robot from scratch following our preferences, but we can also give it life.

To do this, we will need to download the mobile application linked to the toy. Through it, we will be able to control it by making it follow our commands or even adding voice and music for it to play.

Animated clay

Another star gift preferred by girls and boys has always been plasticine. In addition to helping them develop and enhance their imagination through the modelling of shapes and objects, this traditional game can offer much more.

If we link it to its specific mobile app, we can give virtual life to everything we have created with plasticine, enjoying our creations in a much more real way.

Construction of a drone

If flying a drone is already great entertainment for girls and boys, how much do you think they would like to be able to create it themselves? There are toys that allow you to start building this device from scratch using plastic blocks.

Once done, it is possible to fly it in a real way and, in addition, see on your mobile phone the images of everything that the drone captures in real-time. The ideal gift!

Interactive creation

Through a creation kit, they will be able to transform all types of everyday objects (plasticine, fruit, etc.) into computer keys. The objective? Once they have it assembled, they can use it by connecting the board with the cables of the created circuit to a computer or tablet.

They can now start playing online with their own creations, such as, for example, a piano built from bananas or playing bongos drawn on paper. A safe bet to stimulate the creative and technological development of the little ones.

These are just a few examples of digital toys that exist on the market. Without a doubt, they constitute a good opportunity for girls and boys to learn through play while stimulating their interest in the technological subjects of the future. We hope we have been able to help you with our ideas for technological gifts. Now it’s time to enjoy them together.

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