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QMY: The King of Foldable Performance Scooters

QMY, a renowned brand in the electric mobility industry, has introduced a revolutionary product for business-to-business (potential) environments: its innovative foldable scooter for adults. As the popularity of micro-mobility rises globally, QMY addresses the needs of demanding adult commuters with their high-powered foldable electric scooter – The King. Expertly designed for smooth yet swift journeys, it exemplifies the intersection of portability and performance.

Unmatched Power on Demand

A powerful 500W motor propels The King to speeds of 25 km/h. Combined with a large capacity lithium battery, riders enjoy a 25-30 km range on every convenient button-start trip. Digital displays relay ride data.

Swift Folding Versatility

Weighing only 12.9 kg yet ruggedly built from aviation-grade aluminum, The King folds down compactly within seconds via its single-action mechanism. Measuring just 93x43x21 cm, it slips effortlessly into car trunks and onboard trains or buses.

Enhanced Control and Safety

Rear disc brakes combined with responsive front suspension deliver stable, confident handling. IPX4 water resistance protects against inclement weather. Bright headlights and taillights grant clear nighttime navigation.

Growing Popularity

Since premiering in 2020, The King has captured the imaginations of urban adventurers worldwide with its powerful yet lightweight flexibility. QMY continues advancing its performance capabilities based on rider feedback.


Through its relentless pursuit of engineering excellence, QMY allows busy professionals to experience the joy of standalone swift mobility coupled with the convenience of ultra-portability.

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