Jackpot game giving away startup codes at 789bet

Currently, the number of players playing jackpots is extremely large at reputable bookmakers. For the newbies, game shows Open the jar and give away a startup code attracts a lot of attention. At 6789BET, how do new people receive incentives? Let’s find out in this game Blog!

Jackpot game offers startup codes for new players

Newbie codes are promotional gift codes for new players playing at the house for the first time. The beginner code can be converted to a value equivalent to the game deposit. This is considered a unique form of promotion that the house offers to new players in the slot game.

Besides, it’s not just gamesOpen the jar and give away a startup code but there are also many other special occasion programs such as house birthdays and major holidays of the year for all gamers.

The types of codes are very diverse and have different values ​​and expiration dates depending on the program promoted by the house. New players should not ignore the jackpot game that offers startup codes to bring in great code values ​​as a source of capital for their games.

Overview of the jackpot game at 789bet

For new players who do not know about the jackpot betting game at 789bet, this is a slot game that many players log in and earn rewards because of its easy gameplay and attractive rewards.

Where did the jackpot game come from?

Jackpot games do not appear immediately on online bookies but are present at gaming centers and casinos called Jackpot. This slot machine game is widely popular around the world, attracting many participants.

Traditional slot games are played with coins, also known as slots. The player will insert the slot into the machine with the number of slots he wants to bet, then click spin and receive the reward.

The jackpot game has from 3 to 5 rows depending on the machine. Each machine will also have a different theme and icon that is extremely cute and eye-catching. You will win when the rows appear corresponding to the reward exchange table.

Later, this classic slot game was developed on bookmakers. And each house will have different ways of playing and winning tables.

English terms you should know when playing slot games

Once you want to play the famous slot game, you must clearly understand the English terms in this slot game so you don’t bet wrongly or have to fumble around wasting time.

  • Spin: is the lever to perform the operation of spinning and exploding the jar.
  • Auto play: this is an automatic playing mode, the system will automatically spin and bet with a certain bet level that you have preset. The bets in autoplay will be equal.
  • Bet: Players will see the bet amount at the spin and customize the bet amount here.
  • Bet max – maximum bet: mode that allows players to bet up to the levels selected in the game.
  • Info button: players use this button to get information about game rules, winning values, and other symbols to understand more about this jackpot game.

Basic gameplay of the 789bet jackpot game

The jackpot game has many different versions with separate rules and reward conversion rates, designed with an extremely eye-catching 3D interface. In general, most slot games will be played according to the following steps:

Step 1: Players log in to the house’s homepage and select the slot game section. There will be many different slot tables for you to choose from. If you don’t have a 789bet account, register now to experience this exciting jackpot game.

Step 2: The bettor starts pressing the spin button to start spinning. When the machine stops spinning, you base on the icon on the Payline to calculate the results. If you get 3 to 5 consecutive five symbols in the order given by the house, you win the bet.

Step 3: Receive rewards after spinning the pot. You can withdraw the winning bonus amount according to the house’s regulations.

The gameplay is extremely simple and easy to understand for new 789bet players. If you have never played before, you can play the jackpot game right at 789bet to better understand how to play and how to redeem rewards.

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Extreme advantages when playing at 789bet

Bookmaker 789bet is one of the leading reputable bookmakers in Asia. Playing the jackpot game as well as other betting games, you will receive many benefits that the house brings.

Full promotions only available at 789bet

Just become a new player when registering an account at bookmaker 789bet, you will receive many incentives. In particular, the jackpot game offers a startup code, just join the game if you are a rookie at 789bet.

Super attractive promotions such as first deposit, free money for new players and other incentives will appear on many occasions throughout the year. Hunting for codes is easy, exchanging rewards is tiring.

Diverse online betting games with rewards

789bet always wants to bring an extremely epic playground with prize-winning betting games such as jackpots, fish shooting, prize-winning card games, lottery, sports betting, esports, etc. You can rest assured because there will be no need to Where to go to find the game you like, just 789bet.

In addition, 789bet always updates game rules and new betting ways to help you experience the game more richly, without causing boredom.

Betting odds will be updated continuously, suitable for each type of game and time of play. Playing the game is smooth and easy, with extremely high reward rates, so what are you waiting for? Try it right at 789bet.

The house interface is friendly and extremely beautiful

The interface is designed to be extremely eye-catching and colorful. Each game will have a suitable color tone for you to experience. Furthermore, the interface is designed to be sophisticated and simple, so you can feel the smoothness when playing games at 789bet.

You can customize the light and dark interface to suit the surrounding light, proactively improving the quality of experience at the 789bet interface.

There is a 24/7 customer care team

Bookmaker 789bet is considered reputable and professional because it owns a 24/24 customer care team. You can contact the dealer at any time via chat box, phone, or fanpage.

Any questions you have about the game experience, deposit and withdrawal methods or problems that arise during betting games, 789bet will answer and guide you wholeheartedly.

The 789bet system is safe, secure and transparent

Highly secure and transparent system. Personal information, bank accounts and transactions will all be kept confidential and will not be leaked to the outside world. All information is encrypted and cannot be stolen.

Bookmaker 789bet commits not to share any player information with third parties.

Deposit and withdraw money from 789bet quickly and easily

789bet withdraws and deposits money quickly and easily through bank transfers, Internet Banking, ATM transfers, e-wallets, phone scratch cards…

Furthermore, the house supports converting rewards into phone scratch cards, withdrawing money to bank accounts or e-wallets Momo, Zalo Pay, Viettel Pay, etc. with just simple operations. You will receive the bonus to your account as soon as possible.


With the advantages that 789bet brings, we hope you will choose 789bet and become a new player so that the jackpot game will give you a startup code right away. Follow 789bet, play good betting games and update useful information.

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