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Illuminate Vast Spaces with Light Sky’s Long-Distance Spotlight Solutions

Light Sky introduces the Super Scope Plus beam spot moving head light, a groundbreaking long distance spotlight solution designed to transform the way we illuminate large spaces. With its exceptional features and long-distance projection capabilities, this 4-in-1 moving head spotlight is the perfect choice for theaters, concert venues, TV stations, gymnasiums, and other high-end performance events. In this blog article, we will delve into the remarkable features of Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus and explore how it can revolutionize stage illumination in vast spaces.

Unleashing the Power of Long-Distance Illumination

The long distance spotlight-Super Scope Plus series moving head spotlight has been engineered to deliver powerful and immersive illumination that reaches far into the distance. Equipped with an 880W white LED module, this spotlight boasts an impressive total lumen output of 40,000 lumens. This high-intensity light source ensures that even the largest venues are enveloped in stunning brightness, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that captivates audiences.

Precision Optics for Crystal-Clear Projection

Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus incorporates a high-precision optical system, including a large 180-mm-diameter lens. This advanced design allows for optimal light transmission, resulting in clear and focused beams that maintain their clarity and color consistency from the center to the edge. The Super Scope Plus is capable of projecting over long distances, ensuring that every corner of the performance space is bathed in breathtaking illumination.

Versatile Multi-Pattern Selection

With the Super Scope Plus, lighting professionals have access to a wide array of pattern styles, offering limitless creative possibilities. The moving head spotlight features multiple pattern options with high clarity, allowing for the creation of intricate and detailed designs as well as bold and striking shapes. These patterns remain sharp and vibrant, enhancing the overall visual impact of the performance and captivating viewers.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Plus beam spot moving head light represents a significant advancement in stage illumination for large venues. With its long-distance projection capabilities, precision optics, versatile multi-pattern selection, and flexible control options, this innovative lighting solution opens up a world of creative possibilities for lighting professionals.

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