How To Find Jeans That Fit Perfectly

The perfect jeans are the holy grail of anyone’s wardrobe. Perfect jeans enhance the look of any outfit you are wearing. However, the thing with denim is that it does not follow the ‘a one size fits most’ policy. Everyone’s jeans’ sizes differ with their body structure and dimensions; it can be difficult to find jeans that perfectly fit your body.

To know which type of jeans fits you perfectly, follow the steps given below:

  • Know Your True Measurements

When buying any clothes, it is necessary to know your true size. It will help you take the guesswork out of buying; it also helps you find quick styles and sizes when you buy online.

You need two things while measuring your perfect size: a healthy dose of realism and a flexible tape measure. Do not lie to yourself about your size, as it will only deplete your account and lead you to frustration.

While measuring the size of your jeans, keep in mind that most brands use waist and inside leg length as their sizes in inches. So, for instance, 28/30 would mean 28″ waist and 30″ inside leg.

  • Pick jeans that suit your body shape.

Jeans come in various sizes and shapes, so it is a must for you to pick jeans that suit your body type:

  • High Waisted Jeans for Dainty Body Shape

If you have a dainty body type, the main hurdle you might face is length. The best pair of jeans that fit a petite body type is high-waisted jeans. High-waisted jeans will be able to add inches to your height and slenderize your figure.

  • Flared Jeans for Tall Women

Tall women might face the obstacle of finding the perfect length of their jeans. In such cases, you must pay attention to the length of the leg and waistline height. Wide-leg trousers or flared jeans work best for tall people. The wide bottom cut in such jeans will compensate for your silhouette, giving you a perfect hourglass figure. To know more, read the  perfect jeans shirt review.

  • Cropped Cut jeans if you have Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass Body Shape usually means you have rounder hips and a smaller waist. This is something you should consider while buying your perfect pair of jeans. The perfect jeans that will perfectly suit your hourglass body shape are high waist and cropped cut jeans. Also, choose jeans with stretch to mold your figure and enhance it.

  • Straight Cut Jeans for a Boyish Figure

If curves are not your body type, then don’t worry! There are many ways to find jeans that perfectly suit your body. For example, if you want to add shape to your body without compromising comfort, straight-cut, vintage-style jeans will suit you best. Or, if you want to create an alluring silhouette, then high waist jeans will work best.

  • Skinny jeans for Rounded Hips

A triangle body shape would mean you have a slimmer upper part than the bottom half. People with such a type of body shape can conceal or enhance them. Therefore, if you want to conceal them, mid-rise jeans would work best for you as they will take away the attention from your rounded hips. Or, if you want to enhance, skinny jeans would work best. It will enhance your waist in the best possible way.

  • Tailor them as per your needs

After buying the jeans that fit your body type and style, tailor them to your body needs. Get your jeans altered by tailors readily available at stores. It will help you give the perfect fit. Common alterations include adjusting the leg length or reducing the waist so you can wear it without a belt. Some stores like Levi’s even offer free alterations instantly at the stores.


As you can see, there are perfect jeans for every body type. Jeans are a daily item from our wardrobe. And it should fit perfectly to your body. While finding a perfect pair of jeans for you, consider your size, body type, and shape to have a perfect fit. Then, follow the steps given to know what style of jeans would perfectly suit your body needs.

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