Fly Cat’s Portable Oral Irrigator Is A Hit At Trade Shows

Oral health issues are receiving more attention as people’s living circumstances improve. According to statistics, the worldwide oral cleaning care products sector is steadily expanding. Intelligent electronic toothbrushes and electric oral irrigators, in addition to numerous varieties of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwashes, are particularly popular among the younger generation. Using a travel water flosser has become popular among those concerned about oral health. So what is the appeal of electric oral irrigators? Here are four of the most important reasons.

Four Advantages of Using a Dental Irrigator:

  1. An irrigator for teeth effectively cleans fine teeth, gum sulcus, and the dead space at the back of the mouth at 360° by utilizing water capabilities.
  2. It can effectively clean food particles between teeth and gums without harming gums, whether it is a countertop or portable oral irrigator.
  3. The electric oral irrigator successfully eliminates plaque and tartar by utilizing the water stream’s pressure and the pulse’s impact.
  4. A suitable water flow impact can also massage the gums and increase blood circulation in the gums.

The market for high-grade and high-quality dental, medical, and materials is expanding. The market for oral health products, on the other hand, is quite promising. If you are interested in entering this sector, please attend some industry shows to identify more reputable producers efficiently.

FC5170 Portable Oral Irrigator: A Lovely and Pocket-Size Oral Nurse

– Its small and portable design allows for one-handed operation in the palm.

– A stylish sliding cover protects the panel.

– It includes a smart pull-out design and a simple-to-fill reservoir.

– The built-in 1000mAh large-capacity battery is sufficient for daily use.

– Normal/Soft/Pulse are the three main functioning modes that are simple to select and operate.

– The design of the effervescent tablet storage box is unique.

– The eye-catching multi-layered color design is unique.

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