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Exploring HordRT’s Over-Molding and Insert Molding


HordRT is a company in the realm of plastic injection molding service. Their innovation is key to unlocking new possibilities and meeting evolving market demands. Two techniques, over-molding and insert molding, stand out as transformative processes that enable manufacturers to enhance product performance, design flexibility, and production efficiency.

Over-Molding: Enhancing Product Performance and Design

Over-molding, also referred to as two-shot or multiple-material molding, is a specialized custom injection molding process that seamlessly combines multiple materials into a single part or product. This innovative technique, also known as 2k molding or two-shot molding, offers unique advantages for manufacturers seeking to enhance product functionality and design flexibility. Over-molding involves the integration of multiple materials, typically a rigid plastic-base component overlaid with a thin, pliable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) exterior layer or other materials. Whether using a single-shot (insert molding) or two-shot (multiple-shot molding) technique, this process creates a unified product with enhanced properties, such as improved grip, cushioning, or aesthetics.

Insert Molding: Streamlining Production Operations

Insert molding, also known as metal insert molding or plastic insert molding, is a widely used technique for adding metal parts to injection molded components during the molding process. By incorporating metal inserts directly into the mold cavity before injection molding, insert molding eliminates the need for post-molding assembly operations, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Insert molding simplifies the integration of metal parts into injection molded components by embedding metal inserts directly into the mold cavity. As the molten plastic is injected into the mold, it surrounds and bonds with the metal inserts, creating a strong and durable connection between the metal and plastic parts. This efficient integration process ensures uniformity and reliability in the final product.


Exploring HordRT’s unique benefits and applications in plastic injection molding service. Whether you’re looking to enhance product aesthetics, improve functionality, or streamline production operations, understanding the capabilities of over-molding and insert molding is essential for driving innovation and staying ahead in today’s competitive market landscape.

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