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Enhance Your Home Automation with the 2-Pack/4-Pack 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer BN-LINK

When it comes to convenient home automation, the BN-LINK Timer is a game-changer. The 2-Pack/4-Pack 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer BN-LINK allows you to effortlessly control your devices with precision timing. With the simple yet effective mechanism of Pins UP meaning the timer is OFF and Pins DOWN indicating it’s ON, this timer offers unparalleled ease of use for all your electrical needs.

Easy-to-Use On/Off Functionality

The BN-LINK Timer simplifies managing your household devices with its straightforward operation. With Pins UP to deactivate and Pins DOWN to activate, setting up your timer is as easy as flipping a switch. This user-friendly design ensures that even beginners can enjoy the convenience of automated scheduling for lights, appliances, and more.

Customizable Scheduling Options

Turn on and off lamps, small appliances, Christmas trees, and other electrical devices seamlessly with the BN-LINK Timer. With up to 24 on and off settings per day, you have the flexibility to program your devices in intervals as small as 30 minutes. Once programmed and plugged in, your settings will repeat daily, providing you with consistent control over your devices.

Efficient and Reliable Automation

Experience efficient and reliable automation with the BN-LINK Timer. Whether you want your lights to turn on at dusk or your coffee maker to start brewing in the morning, this timer ensures your devices operate precisely on your schedule. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy consumption and hello to a smarter, more efficient home environment.


The BN-LINK Timer is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their home automation setup. With its intuitive Pins UP/Pins DOWN functionality and customizable scheduling options, the 2-Pack/4-Pack 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer BN-LINK offers convenience and efficiency in managing your electrical devices. Take control of your home with the BN-LINK Timer and experience the convenience of the ultimate bn link timer for your daily routines.

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