Easily Have Broken Racks Repaired

Have Broken Racks Repaired Easily

Broken racks present an obstacle that has to be dealt with quickly and effectively to compete in this post-pandemic economy where everything is ordered for delivery.
Warehouse operations have been ramped up for a lot of companies in Thailand following the global popularity of online ordering for delivery. The need to get orders picked and out for shipping may mean the difference between success and failure in this new business model. Broken racks, especially those holding your most popular items, used to mean expensive downtime that could affect your production efficiency and your profits.
You would have to put a number of employees on the task of unloading valuable merchandise from the damaged racks and locating it elsewhere temporarily. If your picking is computerized, this causes additional problems because the items located on the damaged racks were now out of order on the picking list, and extra time is needed to pick them. Time is wasted, and productivity suffers.
The damaged racks are an additional expense that have to be replaced, causing a loss of more time and money to your operations.

Repair Your Damaged Racks

With the ROS rack repair system, your damaged racks are quickly and easily repaired instead of replaced. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about relocating merchandise temporarily until the new racks arrive.
Using the ROS system, your racks can be returned to their original shape and functionality in as little as 30 minutes. You can save up to 80% of the cost of replacement while causing the absolute minimum amount of disruption to your operations.

How does the ROS system Work?

ROS-Thailand uses a unique process that preserves your expensive damaged rack uprights and returns them to service quickly.
If your uprights suffer damage from a forklift or other heavy piece of equipment, simply schedule a visit from ROS-Thailand. One of our teams will quickly be at your site to first assess the damage, note all the areas that need repair, and ensure it falls within our safety parameters.
The next step is to attach a precision-engineered die around the damaged upright. Then hydraulic pressure is applied to the damaged upright. The repair process works three-dimensionally to ensure that the rack is repaired in the correct orientation to the rest of the uprights.
Once the repair is complete, the hydraulic pressure is eased, and the die is removed from around the upright. The upright is revealed as a perfectly repaired and functional piece of racking that has retained its original strength and durability.
If your company is in the warehousing business, you can’t afford to be without the services of ROS-Thailand. ROS-Thailand is a lifesaver for the many companies in Thailand that have increased their operational efficiency and can’t afford the disruption caused by damaged racks. Give us a call for a demonstration of our rack repair service at your earliest convenience. We may be able to save you money and time when you have a damaged or broken rack.

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