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De Corematrix – Your Trusted Zirconia Block Manufacturer

De Corematrix, a specialized zirconia block manufacturer, is dedicated to delivering durable and authentic dental ceramics blocks for a variety of dental prostheses. With a strong commitment to quality, De Corematrix ensures that its dental ceramics blocks meet the highest standards of strength, aesthetics, and biocompatibility.

De Corematrix ST Blocks – The Basic Grade Solution

De Corematrix ST blocks, made of translucent zirconia, offer a reliable basic-grade solution for creating zirconia dental bridges with more than 3 units. Carefully engineered for optimal performance, these pre-shaded dental ceramics blocks balance high strength and superb transparency. With a light transmittance of approximately 43% and a bending strength of ≥1200MPa, De Corematrix blocks ensure both durability and aesthetics. De Corematrix offers a wide range of external and internal shade options, including VITA 16 and 26 colors. Furthermore, De Corematrix dental ceramics blocks are compatible with leading systems such as Wieland, Amann, Zirkon, Sirona, and can be customized to suit specific requirements.

Advantages of De Corematrix Pre-Shaded Zirconia Blocks

De Corematrix pre-shaded dental ceramics blocks incorporate translucent zirconia with an optimal tetragonal phase ratio, resulting in exceptional strength, toughness, and super translucency. This ensures outstanding zirconia dental bridge restorations. De Corematrix meticulously engineered pre-shaded dental ceramics blocks contain evenly distributed trace elements wrapped around the zirconia grain. These elements provide advanced anti-aging performance, increasing the longevity of the zirconia dental bridge.


The dental zirconia block is a preferred choice in dentistry. The dental ceramics blocks are highly popular choice among dentists and patients due to its numerous advantages. Made from a crystalline oxide form of zirconium dioxide, this metal-free and biocompatible material offers exceptional durability and excellent bonding properties with natural teeth. Despite its slightly higher cost, dentists and patients prefer the dental zirconia block for its natural appearance and long-lasting results. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, approved by national agencies, and tested for purity, the dental zirconia block ensures both safety and efficacy. Its ability to mimic natural tooth color, size, and shape further enhances its appeal. Additionally, it reduces pre-drying time and improves visual impression during the dyeing process, streamlining dental procedures. Trust De Corematrix, your reliable zirconia block manufacturer, for superior dental ceramics solutions.

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