All about Range hoods, An “all the rage” Kitchen Accessory

The kitchen is an essential part of every home, and one must try to make it unctional and convenient for oneself. Nowadays, there are so many kitchen accessories and smart appliances available in the market for upgrading our home kitchens. One of those appliances is the Range hood which is essential to be kept in the kitchen for venting smoke and fumes. The best range is one that is capable of doing its functionality at a notable quieter sound.

To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your kitchen appliances, including the Range hood, it’s advisable to have contacts for reliable appliance services that can provide maintenance and prompt repairs when needed, allowing you to enjoy a smoothly functioning kitchen.

Here is the perfect buying guide for you to purchase range hoods for your kitchenette. But before that, we will also explain the types of range hoods that are available in the market.

Under cabinet

These types of range hoods are mounted at the bottom of a wall cabinet. The Ductwork inside the adjoining walls, chase, soffit, or ceiling can exhaust fumes outside.


This type of range of hoods adds a style statement to your cookhouse. The wall-mounted range hoods are the best when there are no cabinets over the range. The exposed vent stacks that vent gases outside look so adorable.

Downdraft Hoods

These types of range hoods capture rising smoke and fumes and exhaust them from the ducts running beneath the floor. This type of range hood is usually used on islands where it is not possible to route Ductwork through the ceiling.

Island hoods

Island hoods help in venting out the smoke through Ductwork in the ceiling. These lack cabinets alongside them to help funnel fumes; these should be wider than the cooking surface.

Ductless hoods

This type of range hood installation is best for drawing out steam, heat, and smoke from the cooktop, then filtering it and returning it to the room. Some models also include an optional carbon filter to reduce odours as well.

Now let’s know what features you must consider while making a purchase of range hoods for your kitchen space.


Manufacturers tout the cubic feet per minute of how much air fumed out by their range hoods. More airflow outside means much better ventilation, but it doesn’t guarantee better smoke removal from the kitchen.

Consider the exhaust timer

You will feel at ease getting this feature in your range hood that would automatically be turned off after a set period of time.

Keep in mind the filters

There are usually three types of filters which include the stainless steel baffle, aluminum mesh, and charcoal. The filters must be replaced every one to three months to keep your range hood working efficiently.

Fan speeds

There usually are range hoods that offer three to six fan speeds. We will always recommend a minimum of two speeds; the first one which has a high-speed setting to use while cooking and a very low-speed setting to use to ventilate the space while you are eating. Any more than three speeds are unnecessary.


You must select a model that is as wide as the cooking surface of your kitchen space. The Range hoods size typically ranges from 30 to 66 inches wide, but you must always consider buying the size that matches your area.

Thermostat Control

There are some range hoods that have built-in sensors which automatically turn on the fan if the temperature below the hood gets too high. You must consider this feature while making a purchase as it is a standard on over-the-range microwaves to prevent the electronics from getting damaged by the high temperatures.

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