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A Look Into The Applications Of Button Batteries CR2450

A button battery CR2450 is a type of button cell battery that is typically found in remote controls and other electronics. These button batteries are standard in daily life. In this article, we will introduce some basic information about them.

What is a button battery CR2450?

Button batteries come in many shapes and sizes, but the CR2450 is most commonly seen in electronic devices. The CR2450 is a single-use battery used in devices such as watches, calculators, speakers, and other small electronics.

What distinguishing characteristics define button batteries CR2450?

  1. Can be used at temperatures that span a broad range, including those specified for column types (-40°C+85°C), coin types (-20°C+85°C), and TPMS batteries (-40°C+125°C).
  2. High storage capacity and durability
  3. Durability, which enables it to meet the need of the market for items that have an extended lifespan in service
  4. A high degree of protection, distinguished by a unique structural design and an extraordinary level of reliability
  5. An extremely low rate of self-discharge, with an annual self-discharge rate of one percent or less


There is a solid reason why button batteries CR2450 variety are among the most widely used varieties of rechargeable batteries now available. They have a long lifespan in addition to providing a high degree of performance. Look no further than EVE if you are a dealer in need of a button battery with the model number CR2450 that is adaptable enough to be utilized in a broad variety of different applications.

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