KuCoin Offers Highest MarKet Rebate

KuCoin, digital currency trade in Hong Kong, declared today that it would offer its clients a higher market discount than the other trades. The organization is likewise offering its clients a partner program that will assist them with bringing in more cash by advancing KuCoin.

KuCoin is one of the biggest digital currency trades regarding exchanging volume and has been offering its clients top-notch administrations since its send-off. The organization has developed quickly inside a brief period and has become one of the leading platforms for digital trading assets in Asia.

KuCoin Offers Highest MarKet Rebate

The rebate offered by KuCoin is one of the highest available on any other crypto exchange platform today. Other exchanges offer low Bitcoin price rebates ranging from 10% to 50%, but KuCoin’s market rebate is higher than all other exchanges combined at 100%. This means if you want to withdraw your funds from KuCoin, you can do so without paying any fees!

KuCoin, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, announced that its users would receive the highest market rebate of any cryptocurrency exchange.

The rebate is currently 50% for BTC, 30% for ETH, and 20% for LTC. The company says the rebate will be added to user accounts within seven days.


Kucoin Affiliate Program

KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, has recently launched an affiliate program that offers its users the highest market rehabtes in the industry. The program is available to all users verified by KuCoin and qualifies for a 200% rebate on their trading fees.

The KuCoin Affiliate program allows affiliates to receive a 200% rebate on their trading fees when they refer other users to KuCoin. This referral link can be shared with any user on social media or through email and will provide you the potential to pay up to 200% of your trading fee back in market rehabtes when the user completes their first transaction on the platform.

Users interested in earning extra income from trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets can sign up for KuCoin’s affiliate program today!

Low Rebate Fees

KuCoin has announced that it is offering its users a 50% rebate on all trading Crypto prices / fees when they use its platform.

The rebate is available to all traders using KuCoin’s services, including new and existing users. The promotion will run from February 1 until March 15.

Trading Competition

The exchange has also announced that it will hold an exchange competition during this period. Users can win up to $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency if they trade enough volume on the exchange during the period.

The company said it was launching this initiative because it wanted to offer customers an incentive to continue using its platform and increase their usage by providing them with better value for money than other exchanges in the industry provide.”


One more strength of KuCoin is its emphasis on giving great client assistance when something turns out badly with your record or when you need to change your secret phrase or email address. They are available 24 hours a day via phone or email, so if something happens unexpectedly, you can reach someone who can help resolve the issue quickly without needing any documentation or proof of identity.

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