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Choosing The Right Chassis Mount Resistor

Chassis mount resistors are used for a variety of purposes and can be found at the heart of many electronic devices. In this article, learn all about these components so that you can gauge whether or not you need them in your project!

What is a Chassis Mount Resistor?

A chassis mount resistor is a component that is used in electronic equipment to provide resistance between the power supply and the ground. When the power supply is applied, it causes currents to flow through the resistor. The purpose of this resistor is to limit the amount of current that flows through the circuit.

Features of GFOOKIC Chassis Mount Resistors

  1. Wide application: Chassis Mount Resistors are widely used in high-demand electrical circuits such as power supplies, inverters, elevators, lifting, ships, servos, stage audio, and CNC equipment, and can work in harsh industrial control environments for a long time;
  2. High-grade products and beautiful shapes: The metal shell of Chassis Mount Resistors are cut from high-grade aluminum alloy materials, and the products are high-grade; after electroplating, the anti-oxidation ability is strong and the shape is beautiful;
  3. Small size and high power: Because the aluminum casing has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and strong overload capacity, it achieves the dual effects of small size and high power, thereby effectively saving installation space;
  4. Convenient installation: a variety of wiring methods (lead type for low power, conductive row or lead type for high power), easy to install;
  5. High safety: It adopts the integrated package of flame-retardant inorganic material and aluminum shell, which has good shock resistance, good insulation, and high safety;
  6. Good heat dissipation: Chassis Mount Resistors have heat dissipation grooves on the surface, which have good heat dissipation performance and are suitable for heat dissipation plate installations;
  7. High precision and small error: the tolerance scale can be controlled between ±1%~±10%.


GFOOKIC is a good choice for people who need chassis mount resistors, providing people with a variety of models with excellent performance.

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